Friday, February 16, 2007


Missed a post this week on the Periodical Informant, sorry about that loyalists (aka Ben). In the future I will try to be more on time with my musings on how shit is crazy. New issue of Cheat Sheet comes out this Sunday for anyone who forgot, that should be fun for the whole family.

God, I hate work. Wednesday sucked, it was snowing like a bitch, I pinballed off a curb, busted my ass inside a company with a bunch of professional looking people around...saved the pizza though, worked for an extra hour. Oh well, I guess this is life. If anyone knows of any sweet jobs that pay approx. 30-35 grand a year and are accepting people like me who have a shitty resume but graduated college, let me know, cuz I can't deal with this delivery shit too much longer. Sick of my boss, sick of everyone that works there...except you Ben. Why can't I make a living hanging out with friends and bullshitting? Meh, I guess it could be a lot worse...but then I probably wouldn't have time to bitch about it. Good day sir.

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