Friday, February 2, 2007

The Trouble with Boston

Attempt number one at quitting smoking failed miserably yesterday when, while delivering pizza, I was rounded up by the cops doing an inspection sticker sting and got busted for being one day over due. That's not to mention the fact that I was then 20 minutes late with my delivery and got shit for a tip. To top it all off my car got rejected for its busted headlight. What a day. Attempt number two coming soon. In US news...

The fiasco in Boston was, I think, awesome. It was perpetrated by a couple of hippie bastards who, in this interview, have absolutely no regard for the media trying to make it more serious than it really was. Guys after my own heart. They're talking about a 750,000 lawsuit against TBS...are you fucking kidding me? Mooninite terrorists 4eva yo.

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